Seeking Maintainers

Maintaining a project that is used by hundreds, thousands or even millions of people can be stressful. Replying to issues, merging pull requests and answering questions in forums is a vital part of every open source project, but it takes a lot of time and energy, especially if you also work full-time in your day job.

This list is an index of open source projects seeking new maintainers. If you find a project that sounds interesting and you're looking for a way to help out, feel free to take a look at their posting and apply as a maintainer. If you maintain a project yourself and feel stressed out, you're more than welcome to add it to this list.

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  • is a web service to manage your podcast subscriptions via the web. You can synchronize your devices, view status information and discover new interesting podcasts online.

  • Smix Eleventy Starter

    A standards-respecting starter kit for Eleventy. Go Indie.

  • Portable-VirtualBox

    Portable-VirtualBox is a free and open source software tool that lets you run any operating system from a usb stick without separate installation.

  • Objection.js

    Objection.js is an ORM for Node.js that aims to stay out of your way and make it as easy as possible to use the full power of SQL and the underlying database engine while still making the common stuff easy and enjoyable.

  • 100 Days To Offload

    100 Days To Offload is a writing challenge that asks personal blog owners to publish 100 posts to their blog in the space of a year.

Other projects seeking maintainers

This list shows even more projects looking for maintainers. It is generated from projects in the maintainer-wanted topic on GitHub. Unlike the projects above, we cannot verify if these projects are still actively looking for new maintainers.

  • gradle-gaelyk-plugin

    Gradle plugin that provides tasks for managing Gaelyk projects


    A simple "stateless" finite-state machine library for .NET.

  • metro-bootstrap

    Twitter Bootstrap with Metro style

  • php-redmine-api

    A simple PHP Redmine API client, Object Oriented

  • OpenSkedge

    A flexible employee scheduling application built upon Symfony2 and Doctrine. Designed for companies and organizations with fluid shifts.

  • go-sdl2

    SDL2 binding for Go

  • android-inapp-billing-v3

    A lightweight implementation of Android In-app Billing Version 3

  • coveralls-gradle-plugin

    👨‍🔧 gradle plugin for coveralls

  • biguint-format

    Node.js module to format big uint numbers from a byte array or a Buffer

  • flake-idgen

    Flake ID generator yields k-ordered, conflict-free ids in a distributed environment in Node.js

  • python-shell

    Run Python scripts from Node.js with simple (but efficient) inter-process communication through stdio

  • hjson-cs

    Hjson for C#

  • gulp-typedoc

    Gulp plugin for the typedoc TypeScript documentation tool.

  • eclipse-jetty-plugin

    Eclipse Jetty Plugin

  • jetty-runner

    A plugin that allows you to run Jetty from IntelliJ

  • limesurvey

    LimeSurvey - the most popular Free Open Source Software survey tool on the web. This docker image easies LimeSurvey installation. It includes a MySQL database as well as a web server. This is the most downloaded limesurvey container, but I don't have time to maintain it anymore. I am looking for a new maintainer

  • node-line-reader

    Node Line Reader is a node.js module that helps you reading lines of text from a file.

  • silverstripe-externalurlfield

    Provides SilverStripe with a DBField and FormField for handling external URLs.

  • cubes-mongo

    [MAINTAINER WANTED] Cubes mongo backend

  • cubes-ga

    [NO MAINTAINER] Cubes Google Analytics backend