Seeking Maintainers

Maintaining a project that is used by hundreds, thousands or even millions of people can be stressful. Replying to issues, merging pull requests and answering questions in forums is a vital part of every open source project, but it takes a lot of time and energy, especially if you also work full-time in your day job.

This list is an index of open source projects seeking new maintainers. If you find a project that sounds interesting and you're looking for a way to help out, feel free to take a look at their posting and apply as a maintainer. If you maintain a project yourself and feel stressed out, you're more than welcome to add it to this list.

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  • is a web service to manage your podcast subscriptions via the web. You can synchronize your devices, view status information and discover new interesting podcasts online.

  • Smix Eleventy Starter

    A standards-respecting starter kit for Eleventy. Go Indie.

  • Portable-VirtualBox

    Portable-VirtualBox is a free and open source software tool that lets you run any operating system from a usb stick without separate installation.

  • 100 Days To Offload

    100 Days To Offload is a writing challenge that asks personal blog owners to publish 100 posts to their blog in the space of a year.

Other projects seeking maintainers

This list shows even more projects looking for maintainers. It is generated from projects in the maintainer-wanted topic on GitHub. Unlike the projects above, we cannot verify if these projects are still actively looking for new maintainers.

  • gradle-gaelyk-plugin

    Gradle plugin that provides tasks for managing Gaelyk projects


    A simple "stateless" finite-state machine library for .NET.

  • metro-bootstrap

    Twitter Bootstrap with Metro style

  • php-redmine-api

    A simple PHP Redmine API client, Object Oriented

  • OpenSkedge

    A flexible employee scheduling application built upon Symfony2 and Doctrine. Designed for companies and organizations with fluid shifts.

  • extended-cpts

    A library which provides extended functionality to WordPress custom post types and taxonomies.

  • android-inapp-billing-v3

    A lightweight implementation of Android In-app Billing Version 3

  • coveralls-gradle-plugin

    👨‍🔧 gradle plugin for coveralls

  • biguint-format

    Node.js module to format big uint numbers from a byte array or a Buffer

  • flake-idgen

    Flake ID generator yields k-ordered, conflict-free ids in a distributed environment in Node.js

  • hjson-cs

    Hjson for C#

  • gulp-typedoc

    Gulp plugin for the typedoc TypeScript documentation tool.

  • eclipse-jetty-plugin

    Eclipse Jetty Plugin

  • jetty-runner

    A plugin that allows you to run Jetty from IntelliJ

  • limesurvey

    LimeSurvey - the most popular Free Open Source Software survey tool on the web. This docker image easies LimeSurvey installation. It includes a MySQL database as well as a web server. This is the most downloaded limesurvey container, but I don't have time to maintain it anymore. I am looking for a new maintainer

  • node-line-reader

    Node Line Reader is a node.js module that helps you reading lines of text from a file.

  • silverstripe-externalurlfield

    Provides SilverStripe with a DBField and FormField for handling external URLs.

  • cubes-mongo

    [MAINTAINER WANTED] Cubes mongo backend

  • cubes-ga

    [NO MAINTAINER] Cubes Google Analytics backend

  • cubes-mixpanel

    [MAINTAINER WANTED] Cubes Mixpanel backend